History of Liberty’s Piano Studio

Liberty Brammer has taught in the Shrewsbury, PA, area since 2002.  Initially, Liberty’s piano teaching  was part-time at home, in addition to her other job.  From 2004-2009, teaching piano became her full-time income, with other part-time jobs through the years to fill her time and supplement her income.  She partnered with Shrewsbury Music at the Factory in order to gain more students.   Shrewsbury Music moved to Market Square near the Mason Dixon Family Restaurant.  Other piano and guitar teachers were added.  The first guitar teacher/owner moved, and sold his business to another guitar teacher.    Some time after that, Liberty bought a used baby grand piano.  She had always preferred acoustic to electric, which is what Shrewsbury Music used.  So then began the search for a new place to rent on her own, that would accomodate the piano.  After 3 months of searching, she settled at 27 N. Main St., Shrewsbury, PA, in 2006 (pictured below in 3 pictures).  Simultaneously, Shrewsbury Music closed their doors.

piano at studio

Piano at North Main Street Studio

studio room

Teacher’s desk at North Main Street Studio

front of building

Front of building at North Main Street Studio

In 2015, 27 N. Main St. was put up for sale.  The difficult decision was made to leave and teach from Liberty’s home in Stewartstown.  Being at the Studio was a wonderful experience for nine years.  During that time, student teachers taught beginner piano lessons to young beginners under Mrs. Brammer’s guidance.  These student teachers were high school students that had taken lessons from Liberty since they were small beginners themselves.

Liberty’s Piano Studio continues to give lessons in Stewartstown, PA.  She takes a limited number of students, due to homeschooling her children and other activities. Please use the Contact Page for more information.

Stewartstown Studio

Professional Musician

Liberty began playing for church congregational singing at the age of 12 on an organ. It was at this time that she learned the footwork of organ playing. However, she continued to prefer the piano and prefers it still. Liberty began teaching piano lessons in 1997, and has also taught college piano classes.  She has been the church pianist in various churches for over 14 years. She likes to sing harmony. Her background and focus could be described as sacred/ classical/ traditional.

Formal Music Education

During college, Liberty was awarded the 1997 Alfred B. Smith Music Scholarship for her diligence and hard work. She graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Sacred Music from Ambassador Baptist College in Lattimore, North Carolina, in 1999. The degree included (along with a double major in Bible) pedagogy, music theory (2 years), music history, choral arranging, choral conducting, various other music related classes, and private piano lessons (4 years).

Throughout the years of training, people would often ask, “What can you do with a Sacred Music degree?” The answer was always, “teach piano lessons.” And that is what she is happily doing now!

Early Musical Training

Liberty began playing the piano at the age of nine (4th grade) while being home schooled.  Someone gave her family a piano. Her teacher/mother used John Thompson’s Modern Course for the Piano, which is no longer modern by today’s standards.  (For many years that was the only piano teaching method available; now there are many lesson book from which one may choose.)  Liberty practiced a lot in her spare time.  One of her favorite times to practice was while waiting for the rest of the family to get ready to go somewhere.