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Liberty Brammer, Piano Teacher

Liberty began her career teaching piano during college in Lattimore, North Carolina, in 1997. She gave her first recital while teaching in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Liberty then spent a year in Union, Mississippi, before arriving in New Freedom, Pennsylvania, one week before the events of 9-11-01.

Her first ad for piano students brought only one student– but it was a start. Within 2 years she had 12 students; a year later she had more than 20. Her average clientele was 35 students for many years, until she got married and had a family.  Currently, she teaches around 10 students.  They come from various backgrounds, and have different levels of interest and talent. Their ages range from 4 years old to adult.

Teaching Method

Beginning piano students learn to read notes and start playing familiar songs within a month or so. Lots of review is used in the form of flashcards, paperwork, and memory games with other students. Success is dependent on the quality of time spent practicing and remembering the lessons that are taught.

One of the greatest motivations for piano students is for them to know that other people (their parents, family, anyone) like to hear them play. Encourage your child to play for you often.

Annual Christmas Piano Recital

A highlight of each year is Mrs. Liberty Brammer’s Annual Christmas Recital. Usually held the first week in December, there are cookies and refreshments for everyone afterwards. The students enjoy learning familiar songs in different arrangements. There is a good combination of duets and solos, with sometimes even a trio performing! The public is welcome to attend.

Occasional Mini Recitals

In October of 2014, Mrs. Liberty’s students began playing frequently for the residents of Zimmerman Assisted Living, located at SpiriTrust Lutheran Homes in Shrewsbury, PA.  This casual environment is a good opportunity for students to get accustomed to playing in front of groups of people.