Student Testimonials

I wish I could play the (piano) jazz music in Sweet Home Chicago. Piano lessons are cool.
Nolan, age 7

Great piano books and great learning!
Emory, age 8

It’s hard but it’s fun.
Francesca, age 8

I really like the songs we play.
Shelby, age 15

Thanks for taking something so hard and making it easy and fun.
Steve (adult student)

I have 2 sisters that play the piano too named Nicole and Natalie.
Cassie, age 8

The piano is a terrific and beautiful instrument!
Nicole, age 10

I like playing the piano and learning new songs.
Shanelle, age 12

I like the different songs and variety.
Hannah, age 14

I like making up piano music (3 songs).
Natalie, age 10

Liberty is an exceptional piano teacher, who really makes you, the student, comfortable with learning at your own pace. She helps to set goals and meet those goals. Liberty made me feel that not only can a young child learn to play the piano easily, but an adult as well! Anyone can do it and she helped me realize my own potential. I hope that more adults feel that they can do it too. You hear so many people say that they wish they had learned to play the piano. I think more parents should join their kids in playing and it would be a fun activity for them to do together. Liberty has amazing talent that she shares enthusiastically with her students.

Angela, Former Student

Piano music in the house adds joy to our household.

Julie, Parent

My daughter, Jeannie, has been taking lessons with Liberty for a year and a half now. Since my daughter is homeschooled, she has had many different teachers for the many different classes she takes. Liberty is among the best teachers Jeannie has had. I appreciate her kind attitude. I appreciate how flexible she can be if I ask to change Jeannie’s lesson time. I appreciate how understanding-not condescending- she was as we got lax with practice over the summer. I also like the fact that she, herself, is a former homeschooler.

Jeannie uses words like ‘cool’, ‘nice’, and ‘neat!’ to describe Liberty. She enjoys her lessons and looks forward to them each week. When Jeannie feels like she has grasped a song, she’ll say ‘Wait till Miss Liberty hears this!’ Thank you, Miss Liberty, for being such a fine teacher!

Becky Brewer, Parent

We originally chose Liberty as a piano teacher two years ago when my daughter, Jessie was just 7 years old. We got Liberty’s information as she came highly recommended from one of my neighbors. My daughter was a little nervous at first; but she was instantly at ease with Liberty, as Liberty is soft spoken and gentle hearted, as is my daughter. For two years Jessie has been taking piano lessons and as she listens to me play and especially hears Liberty play, she wants to play too. We are very relaxed about practice time and found that in doing so, Jessie practiced more on her own than she would have if we had pushed her. Each week she would get great positive reinforcement from Miss Liberty, which was great for Jessie’s confidence and growing interest in music.

My 7 year old son started lessons with Miss Liberty last year when he was 6 years old. Ian could not be more opposite from Jessie, yet he is doing very well with Miss Liberty. Ian didn’t want to take piano lessons because Jessie was. He wanted to take piano lessons because he truly loves music. He is mathematical and rythmic in everything he does and started teaching himself some basic piano before we started him with Miss Liberty. Ian is a more loud, energetic and outspoken person than his sister. This worried me at first because Miss Liberty is soft spoken. But, much to my happy surprise, Miss Liberty was able in a short time to “reign” Ian in, quiet his chatter and help him focus on the piano lessons. Ian loves the piano and practices quite frequently because he just loves to make music.

Lastly, both kids love Miss Liberty’s flash cards and games which help them to remember the notes without feeling like they are studying in school. They get excited for these games and the positive reinforcement is excellent.

So, for these reasons and more, having two completely different children, Miss Liberty is the best for both of them.

Sue McDonald, Parent

Miss Liberty Martin [now Mrs. Brammer]  has asked me to write a reference for her. I will write some things that would reveal her character and qualifications as a piano teacher.

First, she has lived in a second floor apartment in my home for more than seven years and has won my respect in every way. She goes the second mile to be kind and considerate to me as a seventy-eight year old who sometimes needs a helping hand. She often makes me smile and often shares her good muffins and other goodies with me. She is a good listener, even though I sometimes talk too much.

She is kind and gentle to several other older ladies that she has befriended. And she assists in therapy and activities with children who have autism.

She is a good homemaker, decorator, needle worker, seamstress, furniture refinisher, bakes, cooks, and has many other talents. She is not afraid of work.

She maintains a piano studio called Liberty’s Piano Studio at 27 North Main Street in Shrewsbury. Pennsylvania.17361, and also teaches at Hess Music store in Manchester, Maryland.

As for her teaching profession, I hear her play the piano and enjoy it a lot, as does my cat!

I believe she has a well-rounded clientile—children of all ages, and adults who want to play for a hobby and enjoyment. I attended her recital where her students showed real promise as performers. Included in the program were several students whose parents studied with Miss Liberty also.

She is very patient; is not critical and I have never heard her raise her voice with a student.

As a Christian, her desire is to use her gift for the glory of God. I wish her well and would recommend her without hesitation. I hope she goes on “speaking to others with psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making music in her heart to the Lord, always giving thanks to God the Father for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 5:19).

Ruth Carmen, Liberty’s former landlady