For Sale/ not for Sale

You may have seen the sign outside the building recently that says For Sale.  Yes, the building is up for sale.  The plan is that when the building does sell, or perhaps before, lessons will be moved to my home.


The piano and its bench is also For Sale for $500.  You can see a picture of it if you click on the Helpful Links page. It is a large baby grand Mehlin and Sons, about 80 years old, and more information about them can be seen at   Having not been restored, mine would be classified as a beginner piano.  It has served me and my students well for nine years.


You will need to pay professional piano movers to move it down from the second floor.  I will be glad to recommend the same ones who moved it up there in the first place.  Please contact me via the Contact Page if you or someone you know is interested in the piano.  Thank you!

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